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Saturday, March 29, 2008

100% Software Financing

One of my vendors was surprised to find out that we can finance 100% of software license fees.

Why would anyone finance something that has so little residual value? Residual value is the buyout value at the end of the lease period. Software leases/financings always have a $1 buyout value at the end of the period. Software is such a great product to lease for exactly this reason. Think of the opposite effect for a moment. We are all encouraged to buy our home as early as is possible and affordable because real estate always rises in value over the long term. For an asset like a piece of software, it declines in value so rapidly there are no intrinsic benefits of ownership versus leasing. That makes it a great deal for the client. An excellent additional resource on the benefits of leasing a declined valued asset can be found here :

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