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Monday, September 24, 2007

5 Questions of a Business Broker, Sandra Dohn of Corporate Investment International

Sandra Dohn is a Business Broker with Corporate Investment International. She helps potential buyers and sellers of businesses. Sandra's firm, CII, works with no upfront costs and provides a complimentary business valuation to all potential sellers. That's just one of the great services Sandra provides. So let's see whats happening in the small business sale and acquisition market.

1) What is the # 1 issue facing sellers of businesses in the current marketplace today??

How do I sell my business for the best price while maintaining confidentiality?
The answer is to work with a Business Intermediary. When a client engages our firm, he can focus on running his business. Smooth operations and sound numbers count when you are selling. We screen and financially qualify buyer prospects.

2) What advantages do you have over other companies being under the CII umbrella??

Over 400 years of combined industry experience along with over 1 billion dollars closed transactions. Another benefit is our proprietary software valuation method which has been developed over the firms 20 year history. The #1 benefit for me is the working relationships-we truly partner to serve clients.

3) Why is valuing a business so difficult?? And why don't you charge for your great valuation service??

The valuation process is science and art. It involves combining several weighted methods using industry comps from actual completed transactions. We are a success fee company and do not charge a seller up front fees. We are compensated at closing.

4) What businesses do you specialize in and what types are selling well in the current environment??

Our sweet spot is businesses that sell for 500k to 3 million. We like manufacturing, service and distribution companies. Also, we have many qualified buyers looking for a business in a medical field because of a listing we are marketing in a niche medical area.

5) What are things that a seller can do now to prepare the business to sell before contacting you??

A dialog is the best way to get things started. I will be happy to discuss the business transfer process with any business owner. The earlier I can be involved in the process, the easier it is to position the business to sell for the best price and terms.

6) How can we contact you??

Sandra Dohn

Business Intermediary

Corporate Investment International of Greater Atlanta

1995 North Park Place, Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Phone: (770) 984-8989 Fax: (770) 984-8818


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