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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Professional Firms and ACH

ACH is a growing trend overall but especially so with professional services firms. These firms are the most likely to have regular customers on an ongoing basis and are likely accepting checks from them as payment for services rendered. Since ACH is an automatic draft out of a business or personal checking account, its like the automation of the check payment process.

In fact, its biggest benefit is often hidden. That benefit being the immediacy of knowing if the funds are in the account. This is so vitally important to the professional firm as they are selling 2 things: their expertise and their time. ACH helps with the lessening of wasted time on clients who aren't paying. They can immediately shift their efforts and expertise to the clients who are in good standing and keep those billable hours high.

So while merchant accounts are a good fit for those working with the public, those working on an ongoing basis with their clients may want to consider ACH instead.

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