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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Has the rising cost of insurance got you down? It’s hard to know when you’ve been paying too much. Often people remain with their current provider because they don’t know where to look to get affordable rates. provides a solution to this ongoing problem. The company was established so that consumers would have a place to go on the web to learn about general insurance rates. They are not an insurance company, which creates a different experience that you would get from going directly to an insurance provider. covers the spectrum from auto to renters insurance. Their approach is unique. Other on-line companies providing similar services receive a kickback if a sale is complete. offers unbiased reviews of companies with the lowest rates so that you can be sure that you are getting the best quote on the market. Don’t like a particular rate? Feel free to shop the competitors listed on the site. The company does not obligate you to purchase, and shoppers have the ability to cross compare rates throughout the entire US. Fill out a simple form today and receive quotes from at least 5 of the top insurance providers. Your information is secure, and your business is valued. Go to for all of your general insurance needs.

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