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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Professional And Reliable Supply Chain Solutions

Intermec Inc. is one of the leading supply chain technology companies, which not only offers unique and customizable products, but also the support necessary to keep your business running. Intermec acts a consultant as well as equipment provider to your company. They have a business model that supports and understands that the needs of businesses are different and will work to cater a solution that’s appropriate. Intermec provides supply chain solutions for a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, and transportation. From barcode printers to rfid readers, Intermec has a solution for you. You can review the companies website and see complete transparency of all their services. They offer education and training on all products and work to complete a seamless implementation in to your business. You can review case studies and white papers right from the company website and be sure that if you have questions regarding a fixed printer or one of the many other services and products offered, that they will provide a timely resolution to your requests.

Intermec has a worldwide network of distributors convenient to your location that represent the company and its products. Contact Intermec today and find out how they can offer technology as well as solutions for your business.

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