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Monday, April 7, 2008

5 Questions of Andy Greider of QAlias

Andy Greider ( Google him) is a web marketing guru. His techniques are practical, effective, and make $$ for his small business customers. Among other things, he is the brand manager for QAlias, a business and personal branding company that allows businesses and individuals create a more professional image on the web. He is also the co-host of the internet radio show, Uniqueness is Power. Here are my questions for Andy:

1) What is the # 1 mistake small businesses make when trying to market over the web or generally increase their web presence??

If I were picking one very common mistake, it would have to be either putting all the eggs in one virtual basket or going to the other extreme and diluting so much nothing has any real effect. When you begin marketing, it is very easy to buy into the silver bullet (one basket) theory - or the "I'll be everywhere, all at once" idea. Both spend money fruitlessly and unless the one basket happens to be a home run, neither are effective in the long run.

2) How do web marketing techniques differ from B2B to B2C businesses?

First of all, the B2C business has a much larger segment of the population they are going after - so they can afford to spread messaging around a little bit. They can try more avenues and have better chances for return - there is greater margin for slight error and more success. B2B businesses need to hit the target, and hitting the bullseye is important, as well. Finding the niche driven sites and information portals where you can reach and communicate with the most likely prospects is very important.

3) Is there one technique for web based marketing (and if so which) that gets the most marketing bang for the buck if you had to choose one? (or if the business only has the time and resources for one)

I'd suggest making sure whatever you do, it isn't simply down one avenue. If you are strapped timewise or financially, you need to examine what one vehicle or tool reaches your potential customers most effectively. This will vary from business to business - and there is no silver bullet. I would recommend, since we all do business with people, and not businesses - and the people at those businesses - that each of your readers examine qAlias (signup here) to best optimize themselves and their personal brand online, taking page 1 positioning with Google. At less than $10 a month, everyone can afford it, and it is an easy tool to use.

4) What is the difference (if any) in results and web presence generated between free hosting services and paid hosting services?

The hosting services themselves aren't the key point for the results produced in web search optimization - the amount of traffic they host and the amount of cross linking they do internally can make a difference, though. For instance, if you work with a larger, known portal such as GoDaddy, and there is a link back to GoDaddy - just due to the amount of site traffic they get, you gain. If you are with a smaller carrier, read free, then that may not be the case.

5) What are the dangers of over-optimization?

If you begin to show up in places you don't belong, or are literally just speaking to speak, and without care for what you are saying, over-optimization can hurt - because the web makes us all far more transparent than anything real life can produce. You need to be able to be accountable for each thing you post - and each answer you give. Remember, the internet forgets less than an elephant...and if you are over-optimized, besides potentially spending too much money, you can place yourself well, but with info that is not flattering or complimentary.

6) How do we contact you?

Google me - Andy Greider - or reach me at 404 516 4204

Thanks Andy for your great insights. To hear my latest radio interview from Andy's terrific radio show, Uniqueness is Power, please go to the bottom of the page at our website and download and listen from there.


sweepstakes said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

Andy Greider said...

thanks sweepstakes -

Glad you agree...and I'd love some more competition - let someday come soon....smiles!