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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Steve Case, former AOL CEO who runs his own investment firm, Revolution LLC, unveiled RevolutionCard earlier this year.

RevolutionCard is a cutting edge program to benefit both merchants and consumers.RevolutionCard eliminates costly interchange fees for merchants while simultaneously providing consumers with enhanced PIN-based security, identity protection, and periodic merchant discounts and incentives. The card has no picture or signature of the consumer creating a safer environment in which to perform credit based transactions. With PIN-based authentication and functionality, your 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to complete all purchases, which helps protect you from fraudulent purchases.
RevolutionCard allows you to create temporary PINs, adding an extra layer of security. The RevolutionCard can be used as both a credit card and store valued card.

RevolutionCard was launched in February of 2008 in conjunction with Fifth Third Processing solutions to handle the backend transactions. They are currently negotiating with several other processors to expand their footprint. Keep a look out for these guys in the future.

Todd Rome
Director Of Bankcard Services
Southern Lending Solutions

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