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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Benefits Of Payment Processing For Emerging Markets

Credit Card Acceptance For Emerging Markets

Anytime that I get into a lengthy conversation regarding rates and fees for credit card acceptance, it ultimately leads to a discussion on Interchange. A discussion on Interchange is something I try to avoid unless it is absolutely necessary because most people get bored out of their minds. Interchange being the information highway that credit card transactions travel on and the fees associated with them.

A rare secret that most people don't know and rarely talk about is the exceptional pricing for emerging markets. Visa/MasterCard considers an emerging market to be any industry that is new, ground breaking, controversial, etc... You get the picture. Some of those markets include: multi-ethnic, non-profit, government, and defense(to name a few). Visa/MasterCard rewards those industries with a lower rate because they see these markets as untapped, and often containing higher volume and/or dollar amounts. In an earlier post I referred to the government office that pays by way of a purchase card for a helicopter. Price....$4 million dollars!
I think you're getting it now. In conclusion emerging markets are where it's at, and the credit card industry endorses them.

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