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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Program Announcement: Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Readers of this blog know that I believe in it being informational and rarely, if ever, do I talk specifically about our services and programs. Today I have to make an exception and talk about a program returning into the fold of our offerings at Southern Lending Solutions.

The reason for this exception is due to the fact that this program addresses the primary problem for small businesses today, access to credit and credit lines.

So I am pleased to announce:

The Southern Lending Solutions Unsecured Business Line of Credit Program

This program is a revolving line of credit and as we all know these days, credit is important to the growth and sustenance of small and middle market companies.

Who qualifies:

1) A Credits (generally 700 or higher FICO scores)
2) 2 Years Time in Business (from date of incorporation)
3) Clean D&B Report (if one is listed for the company)

What's it cost?

A range of Prime plus 5 to Prime plus 12, depending. Currently, Prime is @ 3.25% so this variable rate starts at 8.25%.

If all 3 apply, then an application is all that's required. No tax returns, No business financials, No personal financials and no pre-existing relationships with the funders or banks are required.

A great program where everyone who qualifies should jump on board regardless of need, since as we have seen to need credit and not have it can devastate a business.

Southern Lending Solutions

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