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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visa Ahead Of The Curve

Strong Beginning To 2009

Just when you thought it was all doom and gloom in an ailing economy, a beacon of light. Defying economic trends, Visa reporting a net operating revenue of $1.74 billion in 2009. This is a 17% increase from its $1.49 billion at this point 2008. This figure is the result of positive growth in all categories. The largest sector being international transaction revenues, $500 million to be exact. The company anticipates positive net revenue growth for all of 2009. There is however, talk that 2010 could bring declining economic conditions in the credit card industry. Many analysts feel that the implosion that has wreaked havoc on the economic front will indeed spread to the credit card sector. As more and more people rely heavily on credit just to get by, this to could result in the house of cards tumbling. In the short term.....Visa stands strong in a turbulent market.

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